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La indumentaria tradicional en detalle


This luxurious work illustrates in detail a wide selection of dresses from different parts of the world. On display 150 items belonging to the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum which, from Montenegro to the coasts of Southeast Asia, are part of the rich national and regional clothing created by multiple cultures.

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Garments that range from ceremonial clothing to everyday clothing and that the magnificent photographs included allow us to appreciate closely in all its richness of textures, finishes and clothing. The drawings that accompany the images, as well as the texts, help us to better understand the uses and processing techniques used in the different garments.

Number of pages: 224 Editorial: GUSTAVO GILI Idiom: SPANISH Link: Soft cover ISBN: 9788425221293 Edition year: 2007 Place of modification: BARCELONA Release date: 02/12/2007 Tall: 30 cm Length: 23 cm