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The Wool Lab Magazine A/W 2015/2016 Nr.6


The Woolmark Company enriches The Wool Lab services by releasing an exclusive trade publication: "The Wool Lab Magazine". The magazine is commercially available twice a year as printed copy and summarizes all the materials that are available from "The Wool Lab".

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"The Wool Lab" is created each season in collaboration with the world's most innovative and quality-oriented spinners and weavers
It is a collection of the most beautiful wool products in line with the leading fashion and textile trends, and is created to inspire and inform fashion professionals regarding the infinite potential of Merino wool.
This inspirational book and sourcing guide with seven inspirational themes is the result of extensive research undertaken by The Woolmark Company through its global network, to select the best wool products worldwide and identify the emerging trends coming from fashion, design, art, pop culture, music and other fields.