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This is truly an inspirational book for top class print collections! Chiron Rassegna Stampa is based upon the colour concepts as developed for the Chiron series, compleating the seasonal theme worlds by manifold suggestions for printed fabrics.

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Carefully selected imagery is coordinated to the point with the colour themes delivering plenty of illustrations for stimulating fabric designs.

By this, the design inspiration provided results in trend interpretations of the highest creative power.
More than 70 generously structured pages are introduced featuring 6 themes with exemplary colour, material and theme concepts as well as in total more than 95 exclusive original fabric swatches.
By this, the impressing imagery is connected with new material ideas. Vivid texts and accurate keywords characterize the fashion moods.
You will get an inspirational tool which provides not only a maximum input for your own collection concepts, but many starting points for target-related design and marketing.
72 pages, 34,5 x 31,5 cm, hardcover, ring binding, 6 themes featuring in total more than 95 exclusive original fabric swatches and a rich collection of inspirational images.