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BENSIMON Tennis Nils Fourrées - Beige, Woman

Bensimon Bensimon


In our store, the shoes collection of the famous French Brand Bensimon. 

Shoe in canvas, dark beige in winter model, lined inside with soft fur, to make more comfortable using these shoes even in the colder seasons. Model for women.


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Bensimon: everyday fashion that reflects her age since 25 years. Inspired by old army canvas sneakers, the Bensimon, created by Serge Bensimon, was immediately adopted by the fashion world and has become a must-have accessory of women and mens's wardrobe. Years of selective distribution and clever marketing have made this shoe an essential accessory. Celebrities and VIPs such as Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Jane Birkin and Naomi Watts have turned it into a myth and has remained despite only imitations, at the same time glamorous and functional, simple and sophisticated, luxurious and affordable, trendy and basic, vintage and fresh, humble but already legendary, ultra ultra French but also internationally.