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Infinite Statue and Old & Rare are proud to present the first ever statue of a great Italian film character. To make this statue we worked and studied the real nature of Fantozzi, immortalizing it in one of its most iconic attitudes and stopping its most representative expression, the one that made him say: "... how you are human!"


Every detail has been treated like never before to bring in 3D the full strength of the character Fantozzi, up to make it really "human" as he said ...

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"... how you are human!"


With this little phrase Fantozzi expressed his desperation as a victim of fatal events that we all have sometimes been.For many years the image of the most famous “accountant of Italy” has been part of popular culture for over thirty years, its typical phrases, its expressions are synonymous of bad luck, submission of the employee and at the same time source of constant laughter. The misadventures of Fantozzi can be seen thousands of times, and like all the greatest comic masks of all time, they make us laugh like it was the first time. Like all the great comedians, Paolo Villaggio in his character Fantozzi, has been discovered and rediscovered continuously and every time better and better re-evaluated, fully understanding the great analytical and social depth that with his films could describe making us laugh. Fantozzi is now in the common lexicon, "fantozziano" is rooted in language: the life of the ordinary man, of the subordinate, of the “accountant” Ugo Fantozzi, matriculation 7829/bis .

This is a tribute to a great actor and author and also an amazing collector's item without precedent.

Fantozzi now is here.

Technical Specifications

   Width: Inch. 5,5 (cm 14)

   Weight: Kg. 1,5

   Limited Edition: 500

   Author: Paolo Villaggio

   Sculpt: Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi

   Paint: Dario Barbera

   Art Direction: Fabio Berruti