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LAUREL & HARDY "Another nice mess" - INFINITE STATUE



After introducing "Honolulu Baby!", Here is the second episode of our 3D adventure of the “duo par excellence”. This time they are full action and involved in one of their famous gags that sees Oliver in trouble (as always) and Stan clumsily and repentant of the great damage. The details of this new statue make the scene incredibly real, dynamic and naturally comical.

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If there's one thing Stan can do very well is to get both in trouble! Oliver is the unaware victim of the awkward friend who inevitably repents immediately after having unleashed the disaster. How many times have we seen our two heroes grappling with a good job to do: start with the best intentions, Oliver directs everything from great foreman and Stan executes the orders, but within a few minutes, here is lurking the damage and, yes, Oliver will suffer the worst consequences! Slapstick rhythms, highest levels recitative mastery: the Oliver & Hardy duo is practically still unsurpassed and a model without equal.

No one like them has been able to convey the sense of the comedy through the body and the face expression: their expressions spoke a universal and timeless language that still today makes us laugh as if it were the first time, they make us laugh like it was the first time.

   Height: Inch. 14,4 (cm. 26)

   Diameter: Inch. 9,0 (cm 23)

   Weight: Kg. 3,0

   Limited Edition: 400

   Sculpt: Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi

   Paint: Jerry Di Tullio

   Art Direction: Fabio Berruti

   License: Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation