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Details, finishings, focus on the washings of denimwear are proposed in preview on the new Close-Up Denim & Casual issue, the only tool book that presents a sneak peek of the women’s collections with a targeted focus on the jeans and streetwear worlds, directly from the main international catwalks, just a few days after the fashion weeks ending. 

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Beside the great presence of denim, the volume comprises other sections dedicated to outdoor, sweatshirts, Tee-combinations and properly sporty outfits. The ‘print+digital all inclusive’ formula allows to download the digital version in order to get a more handy tool, more versatile, according to its specific use.

CLOSE-UP is a publication series with professional analyses about fashion shaping details as shown in leading designer collections during the latest fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, Madrid, London, Florence, Brazil and Berlin.

All the shows are carefully analysed by experienced designers to select and categorize the most directional and influential looks.

CLOSE-UP is a useful and inspiring tool for fashion designers, producers and retailers, offering an immediate, fast, visual, detailed and comprehensive overview of international themes and trends.


- Very early publishing date

- Wieldy, user-friendly format

- More than 500 brilliant colour photos covering the international fashion shows, ordered by cities, products and trendy fashion aspects

- No text, no advertisement, only pictures

- Best value for money