NEWSPRINT A-W 2017-18 Expand



newsprint trends&colour SPRING SUMMER 2017.

Contamination is the key trend of the moment, that will be part of how we will learn to work and create, from now into the future. newsprint has widened its horizons, and is becoming a more comprehensive guide to fashion and lifestyle.

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1 800,00 €

Three new professional collaborators enriched the team, expanding the contents to include woven and jacquard textile trends, the discipline of cookery and floral decoration.


newsprint trends & colour S/S 2017 consists of:


• 124 pages

• 70 original artworks

• 1 DVD for 70 original artworks included in the book ( tiff file ñ 150 dpi - some in layers)

• 1 CD for all inspirational images contained in the book


The novelty of this edition is the collaboration with experts of various sectors, including food and garden designers.

The materials used in the book are not only pieces of printed fabrics but also woven, jacquard and natural materials.

newsprint colour, (inserted at the end of the book) is dedicated to the study of the trend book colour ranges through images and color combinations and is structured as follows:


• 5 charts, each for every theme

• 10 pages containing inspirational images

• 9 colour combinations each theme for a total of 45 combinations

• 1 general colour card

• all colours are included printed on silk according to Pantone references


The new edition of newsprint trends & colour S/S 2017 will be presented shortly with an Event in Como along with related audio visual.