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Garments are no longer defined by their age, but by the story they tell. The classic, the contemporary and the new become intertwined, creating a form of timeless research.

The tradition inherited by the past meets with the liveliness of today’s fashion to present a new source of inspiration and redefine our vision of beauty.

A garment is not just looked as a single piece of clothing but rather as part of a whole look to reveal a new timeless image.

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Through a journey into the key sections of a modern man’s wardrobe we introduce an aesthetic language where rules are made to be broken and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


• Pages: 240 + Cover

• Size: 29x36cm

• Binding: cut paperboard




Stefano Chiassai started his path in fashion at a very young age playing around his parents’ fashion company. It is in this artisanal and creative environment of the 60’s and the 70’s that Stefano learned the Italian “way of doing”.

At the beginning of the ‘80s, Stefano launched his first collection, making his mark in the fashion scene with his futuristic total looks.

After a fast first success his career took off instantly, seeing him on the main stage at Pitti Immagine Trend, Pitti Immagine Uomo and the Men Fashion Week in Milan.

After meeting his wife Alessandra they decided to start together their own design studio. Today, Stefano Chiassai Studio is considered one of the top creative hubs in the Italian fashion scene.

It is dedicated to a continuous research for new inspiration, new ideas and new designs where the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship is mixed with experimentation of new technologies.

Stefano is the head of a design team of great professionals and he works as creative director for international brands, focusing his creativity on luxury men’s fashion and experimental sportswear brands.


Like father, like daughter. Corinna Chiassai was born into a fashion family, just like her father. Since a young age it was clear that she would expected for her to collaborate with her parents, but Corinna wanted to walk her own path.

After having worked in Milan and Como for various renowned fashion houses, Corinna moved to Amsterdam to build an international career.

The last five years of her professional path have been dedicated to managing the design team of an international brand and the design of its womenswear collection for their show in New York.