COLLEZIONI UOMO 95 AW 2019-20 Expand



A complete and compact seasonal overview of men's fashion (Classic, formalwear, special occasions, sportswear and knitwear) featuring designer collections and the most important international shows.

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For the next winter season, the general will to return to a dress-code that is certainly sought after but definitely more “correct” and formal is definitely dominating. Complying with the  new style codes imposed   by   contemporary aesthetics and the market needs to satisfy the new generational needs, the designers, more or less, have restored  a male image that sees the man regain possession of the classic formal jacket, the trousers with the pinces, tailored coats and trenchcoats.  Without neglecting the important aspect of sustainability of materials and workmanship as well as the performance technology applied to sartorial mastery. Very interesting is the concept of hybridization of iconic garments, from simple interiors that become external to real ‘Frankenstein’ creations where a jacket is contaminated by a nylon bomber jacket, where a trench becomes one with a sweatshirt or where a trousers mingles with a skirt. The next autumn-winter collections will be a true hymn to joy, full of colors and prints, of graphic and material performances. This is demonstrated by the wide range of ecological furs that, as we know, always give a touch of glamor, as well as animal prints and rich decorations, whether they are in sequins or given by embroidery and gilded or reflective surfaces.