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More and more attracted to the input coming from street culture, from the graphics and visual arts, the established designers and new names on the international fashion scene continue to walk the streets of sportswear playing the fusion card.

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The collections for autumn/winter 2014-15 dress the future with an eye to the styles of the past; rediscovering craftsmanship, sometimes translated into futuristic handmade effects, and mixing it with technological experimentation; they recover a minimalist tailoring and overload it with volume and asymmetric cuts; they interpret streetwear making it glam. The new effect comes from an unusual superposition of garments distorted from their original identity, with an extreme use of materials that leave the traditional role for which they were intended to occupy other territories: and so the tracksuit of James Long is worn with the shirt buttoned up, the technical parka by Kris Van Assche is matched with sophisticated trousers, the oversized Bobby Abley sweater, takes the place of the sweatshirt.