Notice to collectors, design fans and everyone who’d like to rediscover the essential figures of Italian design. The iconic Italian brand Alessi is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the “Alessi 100 Values ​​Collection”: this collection celebrates the values that define the identity and practice of the Dream Factory (Fabbrica dei Sogni).

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A collection of surprising objects, from the Alessi Museum's Archive Fund, which includes projects that have never been produced before, brand-new versions of cult objects as well as icons in the making. Twelve projects, each referring to a different value, will be presented over twelve months, from May 2021 to April 2022. "Alessi 100 Values ​​Collection" celebrates 100 years of applied arts research and the start of a new century of experimentation.For Alberto Alessi, design is a creative discipline of a fundamentally artistic and poetic nature. It allows us to bring a little transcendence to our consumer society, to differentiate function and emotion, to arouse surprise and touch souls with beauty. 

The permeability between Art and design so dear to Alessi is fully expressed through Alessandro Mendini's Proust vase and the 100% Make Up project.In 1992, the 100% Make Up project, orchestrated by Alessandro Mendini, brought together 100 authors from different artistic disciplines, invited to design the decoration of a vase created by Mendini himself. This Proust version offers an extraordinary interpretation of the famous decor designed in 1976 by Alessandro Mendini. This nebulous print with its fragmented touches of colour illustrates Mendini's attachment to pointillism. Mendini drew his inspiration from contemporary paintings by Proust: the divisionist painting of Paul Signac which proceeds by strokes, by juxtaposed dotted lines of pure colour. In this way, it’s the eye of the observer that mixes the colours and not the painter with his palette.The 100% Make Up Proust vase was originally produced in duplicate for the "Italy-Germany 4-3. Fifty Years of Italian and German Design'' exhibition, held in Bonn in 2000. This “Proust” version is the 101st vase from the “100% Make Up” collection created by Alessandro Mendini in 1992. It’s an object straddling art and design, dedicated to passionate collectors of unique objects and eternal admirers of the work of Alessandro Mendini (1931 - 2019). Made in a limited edition of 999 pieces, this is an object of desire for anyone wishing to create their own private design gallery.Alberto Alessi: “This is a great example of the approach taken by one of the most artistic designers to have worked with me in developing the Alessi catalogue. A friend and a teacher, to whom Alessi and I owe a great deal. ” This porcelain vase is closed by a conical lid. The body of the vase is decorated with a permanent transfer attached during firing. The lid and base are gilded with pure gold applied by hand, fired, then cold brushed after firing. Each piece is unique, since the very high temperatures to which the porcelain is exposed at different stages of its production can create slight variations in the shape and pigmentation of the transfer.Alessandro Mendini was one of the main innovators of Italian design in the 1980s. Architect, artist, designer, design manager and theorist, he was editor-in-chief of the greatest magazines devoted to the culture of design, which relayed his calls for renewal.

  • Variation : Multicolour / Gold

  • Brand : Alessi

  • Designer : Alessandro Mendini

  • Colour : Gold - Multicoulered

  • Material : Porcelain: body decorated with a permanent transfer attached on firing, lid and base gilded with pure gold applied by hand, fired, then cold brushed after firing

  • Dimensions : Ø 12.6 x H 40 cm
  • Weight : 8.8 lb
  • Characteristics : Alessi 100 Values Collection: collection to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alessi brand - Vase with conical lid, created in 1992 by Alessandro Mendini (1931 - 2019) as part of the 100% Make Up project - Limited edition (999 items) - Pure gold applied by hand - Packaging specially created for Alessi's centenary