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Natural Pop Graphics Vol 1 incl DVD


Natural Pop Graphics includes 200 print motifs, labels and logos for all sorts of use, with a light touch and grace. A breath of natural modernity, professional high-quality graphics compiled according to 9 inspirational topics: Pets, Mountains, Fruits and Flowers, Africa, Exotic, Forests, Antarctic, Trekking and Wild Animals. The enclosed DVD is compatible for Windows and Macintosh systems. 

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It provides all 200 designs saved in 5 different formats, 1000 files in all. The designs are vectorized and both the lines and the colours can be modified. They are ready to be used freely with many graphic softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand (for work with vectors) and Photoshop or PhotoPaint (for limited processing in pixel mode). 24 x 31 cm, 144 pages, Hardcover, Texts in English