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Graphicstore - Girl Vol. 37 incl. DVD


The Graphicstore series is a valuable source of inspiration and graphic ideas for prints, embroideries and illustrations. This issue is especially designed for girl’s wear.The topics include nearly every item necessary for completing attractive garments, furnishing, gadgets, toys and anything else for the teenage world.

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All the latest urban style fashions, themes, characters, messages and faces to be developed into both prints and embroidery for use in the clothing/accessories,
home decor and stationary sectors, or wherever creative inspiration is required.
Graphicstore provides direct ways to go ahead with creating or customising collections.
All graphic illustrations are also provided on the enclosed DVD, copyright-free and “ready-to-use” in vector format.
DVD for Windows and Macintosh systems, containing all designs in the following formats:
.psd (Adobe Photoshop CS3, 300 dpi pixeloriented for background images), .ai (Adobe Illustrator 10 vector files), .cdr (Corel Draw 10 vector files), .jpg (96 dpi pixeloriented files for a quick visualisation of the book contents)
24,5 x 31,5 cm, 133 pages, hardcover