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Urbanears blends quality, acoustic performance and unique design for the headphones more innovative in style and technically advanced.


Urbanears makes headphones that fit your everyday life. Supplying the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it, Urbanears models are designed to optimize sound and captivate self-aware customers by matching preferences in size, style, design, function and relation to music. Other companies may try to emulate the brand, but Urbanears is the original in colorful headphones.

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    The Urbanears Plattan Headphone are not a common one. It is a real lifestyle, which perfectly blends inno­vative functions, unique design and high quality acustic performance. Plattan comes with a “zound plug” on the earcap, allowing for a friend to plug in and enjoy your music.

    48,76 €