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    WORKWEAR N. 9 - This edition of ‘Workwear’ delves through history and spans the globe, from Europe to North America and Japan. Included is a selective time line of Western fashion highlights from the 14th to 20th centuries. 

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  • WORKWEAR no. 8

    WORKWEAR no. 8 takes Cult Military as its theme, showing mostly vintage clothing and gear used or inspired by the armed forces. A must-have for any fan of military collectibles, especially from World War II, including special segments on war correspondent style, such as tactical street clothes or Native American headdresses and much more, all...

    43,50 €

    Street Jack is a street fashion magazine for men and women in their teens, which has a special feature on items like jeans, wristwatches, glasses or sneakers every single month. It prides itself on printing the “latest information” on fashion through research of high school and university students.

    95,00 €

    Lightning is a Japanese Magazine born from an interest in American Motor culture and vintage goods, dealing also with fashion menswear. Trends are presented according to the season: denim, vintage and workwear, together with a collection of American culture vintage themes. 

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    2ND is a well-known Japanese Magazine dealing with vintage work-wear and and denim for men. A great source of information for fashion industry people looking for insight on manufacturing and also coverage of some amazing up and coming brands in Japan.

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    Go Out is a Japanese niche magazine dealing with the outdoor world from an urban-lifestyle point of view. Hiking, hunting, fishing and related worlds are the backdrop to a well-kept briefing on the product, with materials, technologies and design, contemporary or not. Available by annual subscription.

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    Japanese popular magazine featuring the latest trends in men's fashion, with the best known in the industry, theme articles, a list of the most fashionable shops and much more. Available by annual subscription.

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    Japanese magazine that embraces both the fashion industry, male and female, with excellent photography, and the best of the best in craftsmanship globally. Each issue is dedicated to a particular theme. Available by annual subscription.

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    Famous Japanese Magazine showing all the last trends about fashion menswear. Available with annual subscription.

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  • WORKWEAR no. 7

    Japanese magazine, from Mono Magazine collection, dedicated to work wear. This issue is focused on the history of trousers, which owns many styles and silhouettes depending on age, country of manufacture and the historical period, examining the garment from different angles.

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  • DRAPE DRAPE - Now in English

    Available in our store: the book Drape Drape, now in English, from the pattern cutting series of the Bunka Fashion College in Japan, school of Yohji Yamamoto. Includes 17 fashionable and achievable designs, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and diagrams that guide the reader through the draping process. 

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  • WORKWEAR no. 6

    Available in our store: Workwear, issue 6, from Japanese magazine Mono, based, as the name suggests on Workwear. This volume looks at WWII-era military clothing, including everything from uniform to physical training sportswear, looking at the heritage and how this influences modern designers. Extremely hard to find. 

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  • LEON

    Rivista creativa e di qualita' sulla moda e le tendenze nel mondo. Leon impiega l'affascinante Girolamo Panzetta come modello per le proprie copertine e mascotte ufficiale della rivista.

    170,00 €

    Fruits is a Japanese fashion magazine made with spontaneous shots taken around the area of ​​Harajuku, Tokyo. It was created back in 1997 by photographer Shoichi Aoki, and is survived over the years to the difficult Japanese market, thanks its loyalty. (The magazine cover is indicative of the product).

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    Rivista di moda e tendenza giapponese per la donna che vuole rimanere al passo con i tempi e rimanere sempre Glitter.

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  • IDEA

    Harata HeiQuiti -Heikichi- è un graphic designer giapponese il cui obiettivo è la progettazione editoriale e che è ben noto per le sue immagini poetiche.

    229,00 €

    Famosa rivista di fashion ed abbigliamento pubblicata in Giappone.

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  • MONO

    Mono viene pubblicato sin dal 1982, mono in giapponese significa cosa oggetto e l'attenzione della rivista si è lentamente spostata dai beni di largo consumo a prodotti più tecnologici e di design.?

    199,00 €

    Una grande rivista di moda femminile che contiene di tutto, dall'ultima moda, allo street fashion, accessori, beauty, interni, interviste e ricette. Un all rounder per le giovani donne dai loro 20 anni in poi.

    155,00 €
  • SPUR

    Spur è una rivista di alta moda piena di vestiti visti in passerella . Al suo interno si trovano inoltre interviste, ricette, recensioni, bellezza e accessori. Per la moda femminile attratta dal lusso. Simile a Vogue.

    135,00 €
  • SEDA

    SEDA è una rivista di moda estrema per le ragazzi di oggi che si propone di mostrare vera street japan fashion. La rivista è ricca di moltissime foto

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  • NON - NO

    Probabilmente la più famosa di tutte le riviste giapponesi di moda femminile. E' rivolta alle ragazze che ruotano intorno ai 20 anni. Non-no è carino e pieno zeppo di consigli di bellezza e di moda per le ragazze interessate alla moda! Contiene le interviste con i loro idoli!

    110,00 €
  • HUGE

    Huge - Rivista uomo di tendenza sportwear e classica dal Giappone

    77,00 €

    Una buona rivista di moda maschile per l'abbigliamento causali e intelligente. Questa rivista contiene indicazioni moda, acconciature, interviste, punti vendita della moda in Giappone e molto altro ancora.?

    89,00 €