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Luceplan, from 1978: experimentation, technological research and quality in the sector of lighting fixtures.

Luceplan was formed in 1987 from a project of three architects: Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi, who brought experimentation, technological research and quality in the sector of lighting fixtures. Every lighting fixture created shows how the company cares about the essence of every project, the details and steady improvement. Passion for design and entrepreneurial courage took the company to considerable investment in production, (the new trademark Elementi di Luceplan, a line of technical, architectural and contract lighting fixtures which was formed in 2006), as well as the opening of  international branches and more self-brand stores. On May 2010 Luceplan has become part of the Philips Lighting Consumer Luminaires business.

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    For reading, working or writing, Costanzina is there for you, the lampshade suitable for any location. It is made of silk-screened polycarbonate with aluminium frame. The light and washable shade, resting on the two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and pleasant light. The on-off switch is released by the...

    181,49 €

    Otto Watt by Luceplan is the perfect solution for your office or studio. Innovation at your fingertips. A dimmable LED source enables the user to adjust the color temperature from warm to cold white light by rotating the diffuser. The head swivels 360 degrees, the reflector is equipped with a glare-free filter.

    352,89 €

    Starled Light is a great idea from Luceplan. It combines light with poetic intent. It has no electric wires and may be moved freely wherever it is needed. The intense white light is generated by a high-efficiency LED, powered by three rechargeable batteries located in the base of the lamp.  WARNING: use only rechargeable and not alkaline batteries.

    96,79 € 120,99 € -20%

    The On-Off Lamp is funny and functional lamp by Luceplan. It is operated by a movement of the hand which moves it into its two positions of balance. It is made of soft thermoplastic, so it does not break. It is advised for the children’s bedroom because when turned off, its green light is easy to find in the dark.  


    Birzì is the ironic and playful lamp by Luceplan, designed to be “mistreated”. It is made of silicone and takes on different shapes and sizes according to your wish. With a  a dynamic and contemporary look, it is easy to use and to position.

    75,62 €

    Curl is a Luceplan lamp, an innovative and original design product. It contains a special LED module that permits variation of the temperature of white light, from 2400 to 3500 degrees Kelvin, thanks to simple rotation of the diffuser. The switch at the center of the base also has a dimmer function. 

    248,00 €