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    FATBOY LAMP EDISON THE PETIT. A lamp for the desk, the bedside table, or even for the garden, (you can't leave it outside if it rains). Multifunctional, rechargeable and absolutely practical, it has 3 light intensities. Measures 25 x 16 cm. USB cable: 1.5 meters.

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    The Trans-parent has the same iconic flare of the Transloetje, just bigger. Perfectly accessorise your space, this lovely light will look great anywhere - dining room to garden room, patio to lounge. Its matching cable subtly tucks away and has a dimmer switch to easily adjust the brightness too. Bloomin' brilliant.

    237,66 €

    Meet the Lamzac L by Fatboy. A large airbed that you can fill rapidly without any pump. Deflate it within seconds, fold it and stack it in the backpack. The Lamzac L is a large air loungebed that comes in a tiny backpack. It is perfect for the beach, a festival or when you have a sleep-over.

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  • FATBOY Transloetje Shop Online, best price FATBOY Transloetje Shop Online, best price
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    FATBOY Transloetje

    This modern table lamp was born to be the centre of attention. Iconic transparent design, energy efficient LED lighting and touch-activated technology makes this table lamp truly unique. Inspired by the Edison the Petit, but with a totally transparent look. Transloetje, you're clearly beautiful.

    69,30 € 72,95 € -5%
  • FAT BOY Baboesjka Pouf

    Fatboy’s Baboesjka finds its inspiration within the brightly coloured Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. The comfortable pillows form a stool when held together by the leather strap. However, if you prefer a more traditional way of relaxation simply unstack the Baboesjka and create 3 separate lounge seats.

    163,89 €

    This new lantern is exactly what you need when there’s something to celebrate! You quit the gym? Discovered a new wine? All good reasons to celebrate life and hang out with Lampie-on. The wireless Lampie-on is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so nothing beats this charming lamp when it comes to decorating rooms, gardens, pools and parties.

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