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  • Assouline St. Tropez Soleil

    The legend of St. Tropez starts with a dog, a rooster, and a martyr; and it leads to movie stars, world-renowned artists and distinguished writers. Located on the sparkling French Riviera, St. Tropez has enjoyed the spotlight for more than half a century, for better or worse, with celebrities flocking to this idyllic locale for its beaches and a dose of...

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  • Assouline Sicily Honor

    Explore the enchanting island of Sicily, known for its rich history, passion, and cultural diversity. From ancient legends to modern films, Sicily's influence is palpable and deeply ingrained in its past and present. Discover the authentic charm and luxury amenities of Villa Sant'Andrea and Grand Hotel Timeo, two properties located in Taormina with...

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  • Assouline Marrakech Flair

    It has been said that Marrakech awakens all of the senses. Whether it is seeing the intricate zellige tilework; smelling the various spices sold at the souks; hearing the call to prayer emanate from the nearby mosques; touching the supple leather used to make a pair of babouches (leather sandals); tasting a flavorful tagine, Marrakech never fails to excite. 

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  • Assouline Mykonos Muse

    Located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the blue-green water of the Aegean sits whitewashed, windmill-strewn Mykonos, the island of the winds. This ancient island and those surrounding it, mythologized as the bodies of gods felled by Hercules in the time of antiquity, are older than legend and have played host to countless cultures for more than millennia.

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  • Assouline Ibiza Bohemia

    From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark. This quintessential Mediterranean hot spot has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians alike for decades. It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilization and wilderness, and to discover bliss. 

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  • Assouline Dior by John Galliano

    During his time as a student at London’s Central Saint Martins, Gibraltar-born British fashion designer John Galliano worked as a dresser at the National Theatre, learning the art of costume and the power of illusion. As a regular in London nightclubs, Galliano met a coterie of artists and colorful personalities, forging strong ties with kindred spirits...

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  • Assouline Dior by Marc Bohan

    Of all the great Parisian couture houses, Dior is perhaps the most famous and prestigious in the world, embodying Christian Dior’s sublime vision of femininity. Following the abrupt departure of Yves Saint Laurent, the understated elegance of Marc Bohan’s design outlook regrounded the house of Dior on its original foundation of soft, ladylike, feminine...

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  • Assouline Dior by Yves Saint Laurent

    Dior by Yves Saint Laurent is the second volume in an unprecedented series of books devoted to each designer of a couture house, the ultimate compendium of the most memorable haute couture creations conceived and handcrafted by the renowned house of Dior since its inception. Carefully conserved in the world’s great museums and institutions, these fashion...

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  • Assouline Dior by Christian Dior

    In celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the house of Dior comes the first volume in a series devoted to each designer of the couture house. Dior by Christian Dior is the ultimate compendium of the most iconic haute couture designs conceived by Christian Dior. Carefully conserved in the world’s great museums and institutions, these...

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  • Timeless Quilts: A Collection of Classic and Modern Designs

    If ever there were a labour of love, making patchwork quilts is it. Choosing the design, selecting the fabric, readying the scissors, threading the needle it all begins with the anticipation of creating something unique and ends with the uplifting reward of a beautiful, long-lasting, covetable quilt. 

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  • Vintage Fashions for Women: 1920s-1940s

    There is always another old dress lurking around the corner, waiting to be "rescued," says Kristina Harris. A cornucopia of 403 full-color photographs, of fun, sophisticated, frivolous, and glamorous fashions on live models include rich satin evening gowns, fun flapperish beaded dresses, sleek and classic suits, knickered and skirted bathing suits,...

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  • The Costume Book: The Non-Professional's Guide to...

    This beautiful new book guides readers with intermediate to advanced level sewing skills toward the successful creation of costumes for theatrical or dance performances, and for re-enactments and interactive fiction. Nearly 250 beautiful color photographs and detailed line drawings of many types of costumes, along with solid design principles, provide a...

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  • The Art of Dress: Clothes Through History 1500–1914

    A fascinating account of the history of dress over the past four centuries, this volume is a sumptuous visual feast for all costume designers, historians, fashion students, and fashion lovers The clothes worn by our ancestors afford an unparalleled insight into lifestyles that have disappeared forever. 

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  • 400 Years of Fashion

    Presenting the history of fashion, this title tells the story of men's and women's fashionable dress. It features over 200 illustrations which show clothes for different occasions, and also includes various fashion accessories.

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  • Zandra Rhodes Textile Revolution: Medals, Wiggles and Pop...

    Features stunning photography of never-before-seen textiles, drawings and archival images combined with fashion photography of Zandra Rhodes.

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  • The Dress: 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion Forever

    From the Victorian crinoline to Vivienne Westwood’s mini-crini, from Hervé Léger’s 1985 bandage dress to Christopher Kane’s 2006 neon revamp, these 100 glorious, groundbreaking dresses made fashion history. 

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  • Cutting-edge surface patterns & palettes

    960 seamless patterns in vector format for textiles, fashion, interiors, wallpapers, tiles, ceramics, product design, giftwraps, packaging, websites and facades. An invaluable resource for designers, Cutting-edge Surface Patterns & Palettes presents a broad assortment of original patterns for a wide variety of uses.

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  • La indumentaria tradicional en detalle

    This luxurious work illustrates in detail a wide selection of dresses from different parts of the world. On display 150 items belonging to the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum which, from Montenegro to the coasts of Southeast Asia, are part of the rich national and regional clothing created by multiple cultures.

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  • Pattern ORLA KIELY Gift Edition

    The world of Orla Kiely is one where pattern reigns. Immediately recognisable, her unique design language and sure sense of graphic control has seen her label become a hugely successful global brand in the decade since its launch. From her early signature bags, the collection has grown to include a complete womenswear line, accessories, travel and...

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    More and more architects and designers regard wallpaper as an important medium of interior design. The pendulum is today once again swinging in the direction of more expressive patterns. Creative wall design is thereby definitely a current trend in interior decoration.

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  • Staging Fashion, 1880-1920: Jane Hading, Lily Elsie,...

    Although Jane Hading (1859-1940), Lily Elsie (1886-1962), and Billie Burke (1884-1970) gained fame as stage actresses, their popular appeal also rested on their ability to cultivate a glamorous appearance. Their careers illustrate the early transformation of actresses into marketable commodities whose celebrity status depended on the consumption of their...

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  • Jute Handlooms of India

    India is home to almost all of the world's most important natural fibres.Amongst these fibres jute has, until now, remained the poor relation. The book traces the history of jute from its earliest use thousands ofyears ago to its current status as a favourite fabric for upmarket homefurnishings and a potential fabric in the international world of fashion

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  • The Majesty of Mughal Decoration: The Art and...

    Draws on the most representative examples from private collections to illuminate common decorative motifs and themes in Mughal art, in an illustrated survey that evaluates the workmanship, materials, and techniques common to all depicted objects.

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  • Ornaments: Patterns for Interior Design Based on The...

    This volume is based on the well-known 1892 collection of ornament designs, 'The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist', by George A. and Maurice A. Audsley. Originally conceived as a collection of samples for architects and decorative painters, this book actually inspired many craftspeople, including cabinet-makers, ceramicists, and engravers. This way,...

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