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Founded in 1995, SIM2 Multimedia is among the world's leading companies in the manufacturing of high quality professional and home projection systems. It produceshome theater front projectors, videowalls, professional systems for control rooms and projectors for e-cinema applications. All of them with the highest performances and an unmatched technology level because it invests more than 20% of its human resources and 10% of its income in innovation, research and development.

SIM2 is the flagship of hi-tech Italy: with headquarters and plants in Pordenone, it has its own branch offices in the UK, the USA and China andspecialized dealers in 45 other countries. And now Brionvega will benefit from its experience and know-how. Through BV, a self-managing company 100% controlled by SIM2. A company whose only goal is a worldwide relaunch of objects which made the history of Made in Italy design. Refined, exclusive objects with a strong character which, in addition to technology, have two unique features: history and legend.

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  • Brionvega Radio Grattacielo RR327D+S

    The technological heart of a design that has made history. Bluetooth, DAB+ radio, clock radio and USB for the gem designed by Marco Zanuso.

    146,72 €
  • NEW BRIONVEGA ORIGINAL Radiofonografo rr226-O

    Radiofongrafo rr226-O is the right tribute to an immortal object Dimensioni: H. cm. 61 L. cm. 122 P cm. 30,5

    5 559,84 € 6 540,98 € -15%
  • Brionvega RADIO.CUBO TS522DS

    One of the most extraordinary adventure of innovation and design in the large industrial ferment , creativity and culture of Italy and the postwar boom . Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper and drew invented for Briovega the future.

    318,85 €
  • Brionvega Speaker TS 217 WEARiT Shop Online Brionvega Speaker TS 217 WEARiT Shop Online
    Product available with different options
    Brionvega Speaker TS 217 WEARiT

    Based on Brionvega TS 207, 60s icon with his lively soul despite the size, TS 217 WEARiT is a modern review: Bluetooth speaker portable!  Powered by British designer Michael Young, TS 217 WEARiT will never leave you alone. On the street, scooter, motorcycle, bike: thanks to the comfortable and elegant bag-housing attached, music and design turn back with...

    98,36 €
  • Brionvega Algol Television Black

    Brionvega Algol Television has remained unsurpassed and is proposed in the classic snow white and comes with Black Matrix picture tube HQ, which offers a quality of unique vision. Among the latest technologies that characterize it, broadband loudspeaker, five video preset setting, 100 storable programs, TXT with 8 pages of memory, video input SCART, SVHS,...

    811,48 €
  • Brionvega Radio Grattacielo RR327 en

    Brionvega Radio Grattacielo RR327 has a technological heart, an alarm clock and an LCD display. It has an MP3 player, a USB input and a SD Card reader. But it is still the unique parallelepiped that charmed the world . You can't resist beauty.

    122,13 €
  • Brionvega TS525 en Shop Online Brionvega TS525 en Shop Online
    Product available with different options
    Brionvega TS525 en

    Brionvega TS525 has a new LCD display and a USB input for your MP3. It has 12,000 web stations that you can listen in high quality: just connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Its alarm clock with Touch Snooze gives you the best awakening, every day. There is all the technology you want in the timeless design by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso.

    326,23 €
  • Brionvega RADIO.CUBO TS522 D+ Bluetooth

    Brionvega RADIO.CUBO TS522 D+An icon of Italian design, updated with a more colorful cabinet design and technological heart, presents itself : bluetooth, DAB / DAB + , L-Band , Fm radio alarm clock and remote control. And much more! A timeless design, new colors and high-quality audio for a product that has revolutionized the way we listen to music.

    213,93 €
  • Brionvega Radio Cubo TS522 en

    Brionvega Radio Cubo TS522 New. A line you have never seen. New and amazing colors. You open it and you realize it doesn't look like any other radio. Brionvega portable radio . It is a revolution coming into homes and museums. The New York MoMA, for example.Today RadioCubo is "even better." With its original design by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper.

    204,10 €