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Infinite Statue is an italian Brand which realized collectible statues, inspired by the collecting comics and humor.


Infinite Statue was born with the intention of creating objects for demanding collectors who want something unique. All the items created by Infinite Statue are  highest quality , both in artistic way and in how they are realized, entirely hand-painted and in Limited Edition, no longer replicated once exhausted and destined to appreciate in value over time. The statues are made with the art of 3D by local professional sculptors, highly specialized in this specific field ,  while production is assigned to  the best laboratories in the market so as to get the best.

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    If there is one actor who, more than any other, made cinema history despite starring in only three films, receiving posthumous Oscars and Golden Globes following his untimely death at the age of 24, forever embodying youth and the figure of a “handsome and troubled” man, this actor is James Dean.

    268,85 €

    This time, there was no doubt on how to represent a cinema great like Bud Spencer. There was no other way than to show him in his most iconic guise, one of his most loved roles, where Westerns were made of sweat, slaps and beans, where a fake sheriff was better than a real one and where there was laughter from beginning to end.

    236,07 €

    Careful iconographic research, extreme attention to detail and study of the black and white films of the era have led to an unprecedented result in the world of resin statues of this format. Nothing has been overlooked, not even the tiniest details, such as the belt loops or buttons on what is now the most faithful possible representation of the trench...

    233,61 €

    With the direct collaboration of Chad McQueen, who helped us to make this piece as accurate as possible, as well as contributions from Tag Heuer and Firestone (Bridgestone), we have managed to depict every last tiny detail of Steve McQueen during a race in the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans, which he personally raced in and featured in the film he would...

    277,87 €
  • The coming of Nosferatu - INFINITE STATUE

    One of the highlights of the film is the arrival of Nosferatu on a ghost and rats infested sailing ship: this statue (with an intricate and highly detailed diorama) captures this moment in all it’s drama and aesthetic beauty.Working on a subject like Count Orlok means facing once again the history of silent films.

    286,07 €
  • Harold Lloyd "Safety last!" - INFINITE STATUE

     Does your cook not satisfy you, your barber nick you, your wife torture you, your mother-in-law leave you in despair, your lover cheat on you?... Are you starting to find grey hairs, is the government enlisting you, are you totally penniless, perhaps you failed your exams?... Don’t consult doctors, don’t ask lawyers for advice, don’t take tonics or...

    310,66 €
  • LAUREL & HARDY "Another nice mess" - INFINITE STATUE

    After introducing "Honolulu Baby!", Here is the second episode of our 3D adventure of the “duo par excellence”. This time they are full action and involved in one of their famous gags that sees Oliver in trouble (as always) and Stan clumsily and repentant of the great damage. The details of this new statue make the scene incredibly real, dynamic and...

    310,66 €

    A statue to celebrate a myth, an absolute icon. This special statue include a double feature: with the classic "cigar in the mouth" or alternate version "cigar in hand" …so you can have the Groucho you like!

    187,70 €

    Infinite Statue and Old & Rare are proud to present the first ever statue of a great Italian film character. To make this statue we worked and studied the real nature of Fantozzi, immortalizing it in one of its most iconic attitudes and stopping its most representative expression, the one that made him say: "... how you are human!"   Every detail has...

    179,51 €
  • Mèliés Moon

    E'stile is proud to present the Mèliés Moon, from our collection of Infinite Statue, a sculpture that recreate the magic of a timeless icon, the true history of cinema.

    98,35 €

    In our store: Zorry Kid, The best parody than Zorro that never has been realized. This statue is a state of the art 3D creation which is perfect in every detail and captures the character and the unmistakable style of Jacovitti. Dimension: h 28,5 x 18 x 18 cm

    72,95 €

    In our store: from the master of Italian animation, Bruno Bozzetto, finally the statue of Signor Rossi. He represents the common man, the average Italian, with all the tics and the characteristics that we know so well, and it easy to identify oneself with him. Dimension: h 30 x 25 x 20 cm

    72,95 €

    We are proud to present Cipputi, from Infinite Statue collection, a statue in order to celebrate the most important workman in Italy, created with the same soft and round forms of the unmistakeable outline of Altan. Dimension: height: 10 Inch windth 8,4 Inch.

    72,95 €

    We are proud to present Cattivik, from Infinite Statue collection, a great big and black statue, where every detail is carefully treated. Dimension: height: 11 Inch windth 9 Inch.

    72,95 €

    Here finally is the first and only statue of Martin Mystère created with 3D art, from Infinite Statue collection. Entirely hand painted and numbered for this unique collection piece it will become the fulcrum of every large collection of the Detective of the impossible. Dimension: height: 12 Inch windth 5,5 Inch.

    154,92 €

    This refined sculpture,from Infinite Statue collection, with its intricate details to discover bit by bit, presents Corto ready to leave for one of his countless trips by sea where once again his adventures become legend. Dimension: height: 11,5 Inch windth 5,9 Inch.

    147,50 €
  • TEX

    We are truly proud to present the first real and important 3D realisation of this character that represents the quintessence of Italian comics, from Infinite Statue collection. This statue of Tex reproduces a pose in action which is worthy of any of his best adventures. Dimension: height: 11,5 Inch windth 6,5 Inch.

    163,93 €

    We are proud to present a piece of history of the Italian comic strip faithfully inspired to the cover of the mythical number 1 drawn by Claudio Villa, destined to occupy an important space in every serious Dylan Dog collection. Dimension: height: 13 Inch windth 9 Inch.

    155,70 €