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Now you can easily specify your favorite PANTONE Colors in plastic.

Large-size (3” x 1-7/8”) polypropylene chip standard in your favorite PANTONE PLUS SERIES or PANTONE FASHION + HOME + Interior Color removes the limitations from your design process by enabling precise color communication and control of color in plastics throughout the color development process.

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Polypropylene chip material closely aligns with common real-world production materials, ensuring accurate color reproduction in your product.

Corresponding pigment formulation and spectral data combines with the physical chip for the most accurate standard combination.

PLASTIC COLOR STANDARD Chips facilitate coordination across different product materials as well as packaging, advertising, collateral and Web, giving you full control of a product’s component colors and a consistent marketplace presence.

It's simple to get started.

Just select the color you want from our PANTONE PLUS SERIES or PANTONE FASHION + HOME + Interior Color libraries, then order as many or as few standards as you need.