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CLOSE-UP Kids provides professional analyses of the childrenswear fashion shows at key events like Pitti Bimbo in Florence, FIMI in Valencia, CPM Kids in Moscow and CIFFKIDS in Copenhagen.

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All the trade fair shows are carefully analysed by experienced designers to select and categorize the most directional and influential looks with focus on the following sections:

GIRL: Jacket & Fur /Suit &Coat/Dress/Knit&Tricot/Folk and Country Set/ Street Set/Sport Set/ Print & Embroidery/Accessories

BOY: Jacket/Knit/Street set/Sport Set/Print & Embroidery/Accessories

CLOSE-UP is a useful and inspiring tool for textile and fashion designers, producers and retailers, offering an immediate, fast, visual, detailed and comprehensive overview of international themes and trends.


- Very early publishing date

- More than 700 brilliant colour photos covering the international fashion shows, ordered according to cities, products and trendy fashion aspects

- No text, no advertisement, only pictures

- Best value for money


•             2,100 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors in a two-volume set for ease of use and handling

•             Rigid sleeves allow for easy storage and retrieval of the Color Guides

•             Six tear-out chips of each color for palette development, color communication and attaching to design sketches and files

•             Colors are chromatically arranged and numerically referenced

•             Individual replacement pages are available for Specifier

•             Includes PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software download, for digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries