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Seletti Monkey Lamp is a monkey-shaped suspension lamp by iconic Italian brand Seletti. Thanks to Monkey Lamp Seletti, you can bring in your home a nice little monkey made of white resin, that will have fun while lighting up your indoor rooms in creative and amusing ways. 

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Reconciling the animas world with the art and design world, Seletti creates a collection of cheeky monkeys in a choice of layouts - the table version represents a sitting monkey, the floor little monkey is standing, the wall lamp hangs on to the wall while in the fourth version the little monkey hangs on to a flexible rope. The Monkey Seletti lamp represents a nice primate that holds up with a hand the LED lamp as if it was a torch. Quirky and functional, the Seletti Monkey Lamps bring humour, fun and a warm light to any home. Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti, this range of lamps is crafted from resin and is available in the hanging, sitting and standing versions. This suspension lamp is designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti. This brand means to bring a cheeky touch to everyday life. With its unique monkeys, it accomplishes this mission. These monkey shaped lamp will make you feel in a wild jungle any time you get back home. Plus, if you have always wanted to be an explorer when you were a kid, now it's your turn to feel as if you were living a daily, neverending adventure! The white colour of this lamp makes it perfect for any kind of environment or style. It will perfectly blend in with interiors of any colour. You can choose to place several monkeys around your home and create your private tropical jungle.


Measurements H 76,5 cm / W 37 cm / D 25 cm

Materials Resin