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A+A Mirror Color's & Woman's Voice SS 2020


A+A Mirror Color's & Woman's Voice SS 2020

We want to show how COLOR enriches and elevates our lives incorporating fashion, beauty, interiors, textures and everything that we touch, see or feel that triggers an EMOTION

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"This new journey is the triumph of a NATURE that charms us with its mysteries, enchants us with the sight of desert dunes or crystal waters; a source of life that exists in both the foggy mists as well as in the deep coulors of the ocean. A NATURE that is vibrant and overflowing with life that can be found inside the lushness of a forest, or in front of a sunset that liberates us and brings peace, to both the mind and soul.


A NATURE that sweetens our lives surrounding us with the constant humming of bees, without which fruit would not exist...NATURE is our PARTNER, it rewards us with its infinite kindness and energy. All it needs is a little respect which is often denied and sometimes neglected! "