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Liconi, a Geographical Surface with views of Dente del Gigante and Gran Paradiso Designed By Pierfrancesco Cravel  Liconi is a tray, table centrepiece and bowl made from stainless steel mined from the area around its namesake, high altitude glacial lake facing Gran Paradiso in the Mont Blanc Mountain Range. 

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It represents the results of a design process similar to that of primitive man who, not having to depend on his choice of aesthetic criteria, looked for items that could be useful to him in nature and turned them into everyday objects such as arrows and axes. Liconi is a natural shape, digitally cut from its context. It is therefore a pure geographical surface derived from a stereoscopic satellite shot of the lake that is situated 2555 metres above sea level approximately 4 hours walk from Courmayeur or Morgex. A sophisticated geographical surface, pressed and forged from a flat steel sheet 18/10 with the skill and competence of the Alessi technicians who accurately reproduce a piece of the Liconi landscape on  scale 1:46 and transforms it into a table centrepiece. The stretch of water, the planes and the jagged edges of the mountain range are reflected in the design of the object. These project trays explore a new and contemporary relationship between object and place, investigating how technology is changing the perception of the landscape as the use of the latter can influence the way of looking at it similar to how or if climate change can also be a resource. Liconi preserves its past and part of it will continue to live on the web: a QR code and a URL are engraved on the surface of the object providing access to the non-analogical - a project realised in conjunction with the Valle d'Aosta region.  These traces that fuse together atoms and particlesboth components of the object, refer back to the website where you can also see a short film « Mermaid's Night » by Virgilio Villoresi and documentaries by Armin Linke, writer of the film "Alpi" and Francescso Mattuzzi who describes and tells us about the lake. Nine items progressively numbered 1 to 9 together with information on the design project and images by Linke will be sent to Museums and Art Collections after Duchamp turning a mass-produced object (and not an objet trouvé ) into an industrial sculpture.


In detail:

Variation : Polished stainless steel

Brand : Alessi

Designer : Pierfrancesco Cravel

Colour : Polished stainless steel

Material : Mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel

Dimensions : L 35,2 cm x W 23,5 cm x H 8,8 cm

Weight : 3.3 lb