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Emporio Armani Magazine is back with a special Collection edition to celebrate the brand’s 40th Anniversary. Edited as always by Rosanna Armani, this issue is entitled THE WAY WE ARE. This emblematic title emphasises the importance of living in the moment – a resounding theme in the Armani world – while retaining an awareness of the past and what has been.

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 A cover photo of the planet Mars graces the special 40th Anniversary collector’s edition of the Emporio Armani Magazine. The image is accompanied by the slogan, “The Way We Are,” which serves as an introduction to the publication’s contents. “Living in the moment” has been an omnipresent theme in the Armani world: to live life to its fullest, you must be aware of the past. The Magazine explores this topic through words and images, while remaining faithful to the core Emporio philosophy: be the change you want to see.