Notice to collectors, design fans and everyone who’d like to rediscover the essential figures of Italian design! The iconic Italian brand Alessi is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the “Alessi 100 Values ​​Collection”: this collection celebrates the values that define the identity and practice of the Dream Factory (Fabbrica dei Sogni).

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The Alessi Values ​​Collection’s journey continues with Paradox... From Marcel Duchamp's “Fontaine” to Maurizio Cattelan’s “America”, the history of art is full of paradoxes. Paradox is a fundamental value perfectly illustrated by Stefano Giovannoni's Merdolino. Stefano Giovannoni transforms one of the most unassuming objects in our domestic landscapes into a small work of art. Alberto Alessi declares: “Paradox - from the Greek ‘para-dóksa’ - generally denotes a fact which contradicts everyday experience, which goes against common sense, so that it becomes surprising, extraordinary or bizarre. Here at Alessi, we have often used this literary trope to help us overcome the seeming banality of everyday objects. Merdolino Gold: in its golden version, the "Merdolino" toilet brush by Giovannoni is a particular example of a squared paradox: an object that’s certainly essential, and yet usually hidden, which is in this case rehabilitated in a poetic interpretation depicting a flowerpot, and entirely gilded, as if to underline its ineluctable preciousness.'' When it was released in 1992, Merdolino scandalised design puritans, this elegant brush carrying within it the redemption of this typology, envisioned for the first time by design. Reissued in a Gold version, fully dressed in a golden finish, it embodies the paradoxical object par excellence: it contradicts common sense, surprises with its strangeness and gains the status of an art object intended for collectors. Halfway between art and design, this creation is intended for revolutionaries and provocateurs who love art in its most paradoxical expression. Merdolino Gold is a limited edition (999 pieces). Designer Stefano Giovannoni: ''These objects had an effect on the world of design that I would describe as shocking, and even today I carry within me the criticisms of all those who saw in them an attack on an official practice of design... It was important that the object has its own identity, an emotional, sensual dimension. It is undeniable that these objects were animated by a strong poetic spirit: it wasn’t just a question of adapting to the market, but there was also a desire to create objects capable of resonating with the desires and imagination of the public.'' Featuring a long, stylised flower-shaped handle, the Merdolino Gold toilet brush is made of thermoplastic resin with a gold-coloured PVD finish.

Variation : Gold
Brand : Alessi
Designer : Stefano Giovannoni
Colour : Gold
Material : Thermoplastic resin, gold PVD finish
Dimensions : Ø 12 x H 48 cm
Weight : 2.2 lb
Characteristics : Alessi 100 Values Collection: collection to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alessi brand - Model created in 1992 by Stefano Giovannoni - Limited edition (999 pieces) -