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This handy book provides you with an early prognosis of the colour trends for the fields of women's and men's wear, presented through 6 sophisticated and inspirational designed Themes.

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The colours are shown in different ways:
on elaborate and generously dimensioned paper stripes as well as exclusively dyed fabrics, provided in extra amounts as well for the development of your own concepts and colour combinations.
For each of the colour themes 15 proposals for colour combinations are provided, which also demonstrate the colour proportions and characteristic features of the colour composition.
The colour combinations are composed by using colours from the other themes of the book. Thereby they also demonstrate the great compatibility of the seasonal themes.
81 pages, 16,5 x 21 cm, 6 colour groups, each with 5 colours presented on 47 square centimetres of paper and 62 square centimetres of cotton crêpe, in addition 90 multi-colour combinations presented on paper